Prescription Modifying Marketing Factors: A Survey among the Clinicians in Bangladesh

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Brief description: It was aimed at finding out the important factors those influence the prescription preparation of doctors during their daily life consultancy. It was a descriptive, cross-sectional survey conducted by purposive, convenient sampling. 200 registered practicing doctors from different regions of Bangladesh were interviewed with the prepared self reporting questionnaire from February 2013 to October 2013. Questionnaire was prepared and finalized after pretesting. The measurement was made on the basis of 5 point Likert scale and data were analyzed by using SPSS 16 version and Microsoft Excel®. It was found that doctors consider company image, brand availability, regular promotion, easy brand name, scientific information, and personal experience related confidence with high preference. Promotional tools and representatives’ improvisation, low price of brands are relatively less sensitive to doctors. This study provides only selected aspects on pharma marketing; larger study may reveal the scenario more precisely.

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