Medicine promoting marketing factors: Survey among medical representatives in Bangladesh

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Brief description: Introduction: This study was aimed at gaining marketing insight by analysis of factors that influence medical representatives’ drug promotion and thus the prescription preparation of physicians. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted from February to October, 2013 among medical representatives by purposive convenient sampling. A structured questionnaire with measurements on 5-point Likert Scale was provisioned. Data input, format, transformation and analysis were performed using SPSS version 22 and Microsoft Excel 2010. Results: A total of 245 medical representatives were enrolled who were affiliated with a pharmaceutical company. Representatives’ improvisation, easy brand availability, regular promotion and company image are the factors having most influence. Easy brand name, low price and international certification of the company were on lower side. Conclusion: This study contains a brief summary of experience of medical representatives and insights of this paper will be helpful for marketers to ensure greater effectiveness and economic efficiency from drug prescribing.

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