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Pi Research Consultancy Centre (PiRCC) has been in a constant endeavour to provide a Safe, Motivational, and a Research-friendly environment to the young researchers in Bangladesh, who want to put forward their ideas and innovations through sheer will and hard work.

Our organization deals with multiple projects, and already accomplished a lot of tasks and is continuously moving towards our motto. We believe that our collective efforts can implement a platform to run remarkable research projects in our country. Our collaborative work will help the young generation to focus on their research works by pursuing a friendly, resourceful and innovative environment. We can provide more technical support, appropriate guidance and assistance that will help the researchers doing their best for a better outcome. Eventually people will get to acknowledge the wide spectrum of empowerment and establishment in the research fields worldwide.

Moreover, we are promised to work with government contribute the society in an efficient manner.

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    The services we provide are unparalleled in this field, we are highly specialized and experienced with 5 years of working span. We work on independent as well as funded healthcare research and trials. Our mission is to conduct impactful, benevolent, and trend changing research works.

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    Consultancy service for Research Protocol Development

    Assistance of Data Analysis and Management

    Assistance in pre-clinical and clinical research, clinical trials.


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    Here’s what our Clients had to say about our services:

    Pi research consultancy really help me with my independent clincal trial from methodology to data analysis.they are very professional with their work.

    Doctor X

    Pi research consultancy really help me with my independent clinical trial from protocol development to methodology.they are very professional with their work.

    Doctor Y